Daily Fractal No. 200   2 comments

Spirals Spokes and Curves No. 1

Spirals Spokes and Curves No. 1

Ribbons or tapes arranged in spirals, spokes and curves. These patterns are typical of fractals that employ imaginary powers. Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.


2 responses to “Daily Fractal No. 200

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  1. Soooo beautiful. What does that mean, “employ imaginary powers”?

    • Like most of the fractals I present on this blog it calculated using complex numbers. The power function can be employed to raise a number to an integer power for example 2 for squaring a number, 3 for cubing etc., the power doesn’t have to be an integer for example 0.5 gives the square root. The power can also be a “complex” number which is made of two parts the real part and the imaginary part, in this case the real part of the power is zero and the imaginary is non-zero (I can’t remember exactly what).

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