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There have been some changes to Saturn’s Main Window and to the way the fractals are calculated. Prior to version 3.0.0 there was only one method of calculating a bailout (or escape time) fractal and that was to progressively display the whole image every few iterations. For version 3.0.0 there is an additional method of row by row where the image is calculated a row at a time, the number of rows calculated simultaneously is dependent on the CPU, if you have only one core and no hyper-threading then it’ll be only one, for a quad core with hyper-threading it is eight. You can switch between modes except for multi-precision calculation when only row by row is used.

Here is a picture of Saturn calculating a fractal in “progressive” mode.

progressive mode

progressive mode

Note the check box for row by row, when multi-precision is used this check box is not present. Here is a picture of Saturn calculating in row by row mode.

row by row mode

row by row mode

There have also been changes to the status line. During calculation either the iteration or percentage progress is displayed and where multi-precision is employed the number of bits used is added.


Above is status line where a progressive calculation of a bailout fractal has completed, the duration of the calculation is including in brackets. When this mode is in use the maximum number of iterations can be increased and when this is done after calculation has completed the duration in brackets is for the additional calculation.


Above is status line where a row by row calculation has completed, like progressive calculation the duration is shown in brackets, in addition the actual maximum number of iteration calculated is shown. If the maximum number of iterations is changed while in this mode calculation will restart.


Finally, here is a status line where multi-precision is employed showing the number of bits used. Initially Saturn calculates its fractals using “long double” values which equates to 80 bits, there is a limit to the depth you can zoom into a fractal and more bits are required, these are added in 16 bit steps. Saturn determines the precision required when starting calculation so the precision will increase or indeed decrease automatically.

There have been similar changes for Lyapunov fractals, they can be calculated cycle by cycle where the image is updated every cycle or they can be calculated row by row. The status line is similar to bailout fractals but for row by row there is no “maximum iteration” because the same number of calculating cycles is employed for every location in the picture. Multi-precision is also available for Lyapunov fractals.

There have been no changes for orbit plotted fractals and multi-precision is not available.


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