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Titan has had its user iterface slightly tweaked for version 3.0.0.

80 bit Precision

80 bit Precision

There are two new fields indicating the precision required for the seed file and for the expanded file, in the above example 80 bits is used i.e. the largest size values handled by the CPU’s floating point unit. Calculating using 80 bit values is much faster than with “multi-precision” values which start at 96 bits and go up in increments of 16.

80 bit/96 bit Precision

80 bit/96 bit Precision

Sometimes the precision used for the expanded image is greater than the seed file which means the generation of the image will take considerably longer than expected. In general, provided that the precision values are the same, the time required for an expansion can be estimated by multiplying the duration for an unexpanded image by the number of pixels in the expanded image divided by the number of pixels in the seed file image.

When an expansion has completed the duration of the expansion is displayed in square brackets above the progress bar. New for version 3.0.0: the maximum number of iterations calculated is displayed after the duration, also, the duration isn’t cleared until a new seed file is loaded or a new expansion started.

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