Where next for Saturn and Titan part 2   4 comments

The next release of Saturn and Titan will be version 4.0.0. Moving to Qt for development was a lot less painful than anticipated, Titan is largely complete. There are only a couple of issues to address but the important thing is that it runs on Linux and OS X, I haven’t built it on Windows yet and as the prototype runs successfully the shouldn’t be any problems.

I was going to use Qt 5 but it has a problem extracting the parameter data in the Saturn seed files so that not all of the colour data is retrieved thus mucking up the resulting image. Qt 4.8 doesn’t have this problem.

Titan Qt on Linux

Titan Qt on Linux

Titan Qt on OS X

Titan Qt on OS X

4 responses to “Where next for Saturn and Titan part 2

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  1. If you need a beta tester for OSX version, send me a mail

    • Thanks for the offer. I haven’t yet had any beta testers and I’ll probably continue without. When I am in a position to test installing the OS X version I intend to have fresh installs of Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. I don’t have a copy of Mountain Lion, if you do then I may send you a pre-release version. I’ve converted most of Saturn to Qt (import and export of colour maps is pending) and I’m now working on new features some of which affect the structure of colour maps (gradients) which is why import and export colour maps in pending. I expect to have the new version ready at the end of May or June.

      • I run Snow Leopard, I need to run many old software and need Rosetta for that, that why I can’t update to new OS.
        I’ll wait for official release.
        By the way, thanks for your free software, I already tried your Window version 2 and 3 with Wineskin Winery.

      • You’re not missing much by staying with Snow Leopard. After upgrading to Lion I wondered why I bothered, which is why I haven’t upgraded to Mountain Lion. I’m happiest with Linux Mint which I run in a virtual machine, I also run Window 7 in a virtual machine but only when preparing the Windows release of Saturn and Titan. I used to use Linux in virtual machine for development but since I got a quad core ASUS laptop development moved to that, it can dual boot to Linux Mint or Windows 7 (I haven’t booted into Windows 7 for months at some point I’m going to remove it).

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