Zoom into Cubic Depths No. 28   Leave a comment

Zoom into Cubic Depths No. 28

Zoom into Cubic Depths No. 28

Centre -0.40780983143363484549706633333333333333 + 0.0044606530134807973516000133333333333333i
Width 5.12e-19
Colour scale 1241
Colour method: absolute log of exponential sum of magnitude
Precision 96 bits

The number of bits shown for the previous picture in this series was 128 bits, late in the development of version 3.0.0 of Saturn and Titan, I changed the initial number of bits used for multi-precision from 128 bits and changed the increment in precision from 64 bits at a time to 16 bits. The figure shown here is from Saturn which is the precision of the seed file not the of the 4500×3000 image that this is scaled version of. As the pictures are produced by the 3.0.0 release version of Titan the number of bits will be taken from Titan and not Saturn. In addition Titan now records the the maximum number of iterations reached in calculating the picture, the maximum iterations will be added to summary when available.

Regular visitors to this blog may have wondered what had happened to the zoom in to the depths series. I’ve not abandoned them, it is just that I’ve been busy recently in getting version 3.0.0 of Saturn and Titan out. The documentation for Saturn and Titan has been further delayed by the decision to move from the Gtkmm toolkit to Qt, conversion of Titan was relatively painless and the conversion of Saturn is in progress. Programming is much more interesting than writing documentation so I haven’t updated the User Manual or the User Guide even though I had intended to update them by mid March.


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