Daily Fractal No. 251   2 comments



This fractal has been known for about 30 years but not whether it has a proper name, since it resembles an angle fish the name Mandelfish seems appropriate. Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.

Posted 15 April 2013 by element90 in Art, Fractal

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2 responses to “Daily Fractal No. 251

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  1. Commonly called a Celtic Mandelbrot.often just Celtic. I have no idea how that name came to be. Google Celtic Mandelbrot and my plugin for Fractal Extreme is what shows first.

    • If I had used fractal software other than my own more extensively I would have discovered the common name for this fractal. I think Mandelfish is a much better name. In my software this fractal isn’t a named formula as it is produced using the standard Mandelbrot formula with transforms defined, this is also the case for Buffalo, Burning Ship, Tricorn (or Mandelbar) etc.

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