Into the Depths No. 54   4 comments

Into the Depths No. 54

Into the Depths No. 54

Centre -0.154317638306776043979878599001907817102840533333333333333 + 1.03097537884458734193142580902824818171779655111111111111i
Width 9.6e-40
Precision 160 bits
Maximum iteration 11621
Colour method: iteration

4 responses to “Into the Depths No. 54

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  2. Hey would you mind directing me to sites where I can learn to make fractals (tutorials)? The one you liked is literally my first attempt.

    • I suggest you try any of the numerous fractal programs and play with them for a bit. There is a guide to using Saturn available for download as a pdf on the download page of this blog (select software from the menu under the blog’s title header), it is a bit out of date as I haven’t updated it for version 3.0, I also haven’t updated the user manual. There are some posts on two fractal types which can be found using the search facility on this blog, search for guide and then search for compasses. Tutorials for Ultra Fractal can be found easily by using Google, Duck Duck Go or indeed any web search engine by searching for UF tutorial or just try fractal tutorial. Also have a look on the links page.

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