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Orbit Mandelbrot No. 2

Orbit Mandelbrot No. 2

An orbit plotted Mandelbrot plotting only captive orbits, the earlier orbit plotted Mandelbrot plotted all orbits. This fractal is also known as anti-Buddhabrot, the technique used for plotting this fractal is different to the method usually employed for the anti-Buddhabrot which plots orbits with random starting points. Saturn plots orbit plotted fractals by using the same starting points used by the Mandelbrot algorithm only that the “calculating area” can be much larger than the “display area”, for this view of an orbit plotted Mandelbrot the calculating area and the display area are the same. The colouring method used is to use the number of times a location has been visited by an orbit to look up a colour in a colour map.

Available as a print, poster or card from Redbubble and Artflakes.

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