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While testing the version of Saturn I found some seed files that were not reproduced correctly. The following picture is an example:



which the new version of Saturn reproduced as …

Incorrect Quincunx

Incorrect Quincunx

At least with fractal applications bugs manifest themselves visually. So, where did the black areas come from?

After checking the usual things like the formula and all the settings used were the same and that the image was correctly reproduced by version 3.0.1 it was clear that a debug session was required. The cause of the problem was unexpected, the fractal has an unnecessarily large bailout value and the iterations for the new black areas reach inf – nan i (inf is infinity and nan is not a number), the bailout condition uses the std::norm of the iteration value which is returned by clang++ as nan. Odd.

After further investigation I discovered that if I built Saturn using the g++ compiler instead of the clang++ compiler the seed file is reproduced correctly. The difference being that g++ returns inf for the std::norm of inf – nan i and not nan.

A side effect of nan being returned is that the bailout condition is not met and calculation continues using nan which always results in nan and is very slow, the locations where the problem occurs are coloured using the inner colouring method which is to colour the location black. To work around the problem the bailout condition is deemed to have been met if either the real or imaginary components are nan, inf or -inf. The change wasn’t sufficient, the time to complete the picture was much reduced but the black areas remained, this was because nan was added to the colour statistics and when the colour was determined nan was used to determine how close the colour was to one colour and the next in the colour map resulting incorrectly with black. To stop that happening the iteration value is only added to the colour statistics if is not nan.

I have since found that there are more problems with clang++ and std::complex that the fixes for this fractal do not address but that is for a future post.


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