Daily Fractal No. 348   2 comments

False Mandelbrot Byways No. 4

False Mandelbrot Byways No. 4

The unusual patterns surrounding this Mandelbrot island indicate that it isn’t in the standard Mandelbrot set. Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.


Posted 20 July 2013 by element90 in Art, Fractal

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2 responses to “Daily Fractal No. 348

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  1. Were the grayscale choices manual or algorithmic?

    • The colour map used was an auto generated map using eigtht cycles of sine wave. The value used to colour each escaped location is determined by the “exponential inverse change sum” of the change in magnitude from one iteration to the next, the absolute log of the value is also taken before selecting the colour from the map. If the “smooth” option is specified two colours (integers above and below the value) are taken from the map and blended together weighted on the relative closeness to the index, the closer index having the greater weight, if the smooth option is not specified the closest index or just the integer part of the value is used (I’ll have to check the code to be certain). Note: the integer values are converted to colour map indexes by taking the remainder of the integer value divided by the number of colours in the map.

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