Daily Fractal No. 439   3 comments

Dark Spiral

Dark Spiral

A dark spiral curling in and joining a relatively bright spiral. Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.


Posted 19 October 2013 by element90 in Art, Fractal, Mathematics

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3 responses to “Daily Fractal No. 439

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  1. Perfect BloggersTech
  2. What program is used to build these fractals?

    • All the fractals on this site except a few examples using FractInt, Gnofract4D and Ultra Fractal are produced using Saturn and Titan. Saturn is a fractal explorer which can save images of limited resolution, Titan is an expander which can open files saved using Saturn and expand them to to much higher resolutions, the daily fractals are generally expanded to 12000×8000 or 12000×12000 and then scaledd to 1200×800 and 1000×1000, the zoom sequences into the Mandelbrot set and cubic Mandelbrot set are expanded to 4500×3000 before being scaled.

      The software is available for Linux and Windows as is available here.

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