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The picture above is detail from a modified Mandelbrot set and its parameters are shown below:


The first image looks fine, so why the title “What are those dots?”? The first image is a 12000×6000 picture scaled to 1200×600 and the dots have disappeared, but they troubled me and I had to investigate further as I suspected an error in calculation.

A dot with a box around it

A dot with a box around it

The dots are clearly visible in the 750×500 picture in Saturn’s main window. They appear to be out of place, it is as though they shouldn’t be there. Are they an aberrations or is there some substance to them? Zooming in …

More dots, one boxed

More dots, one boxed

So more dots have appeared, some larger than others. Zooming in …

Oh, so that is what it is ...

Oh, so that is what it is …

So, those dots weren’t out of place at all. The locations calculated in the original Saturn picture are rough grained so such tiny features can disappear between the calculated locations amd it just a matter of luck that a few locations produced a colour significantly different to their surroundings for them to become visible as dots. Zooming in, the tiny features are bigger and more likely to coincide with a calculated location hence more dots were seen.

One of the dots is revealed to look like this:

A dot in detail

A dot in detail


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