Daily Fractal No. 875   2 comments

Geometric Patterns No. 26

Geometric Patterns No. 26

Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.


Posted 30 December 2014 by element90 in Art, Fractal

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2 responses to “Daily Fractal No. 875

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  1. Absolutely mesmerizing.

    May I ask how you create your fractals? Is it just a program you created and run daily for randomized results, or do you come up with new parameters for each new fractal?

    Regardless, you’ve got a new follower. Thanks for sharing your work.

    • It is a process of altering parameters until I get a picture that is worth saving. All the parameter data is saved in the png file which I call a seed file as it can be reproduced by loading it to the explorer program or expanded to a much larger size, typically 12000×8000, using the expander program. The software is available as free download from the downloads page, the are two pairs of programs Saturn and Titan and Neptune and Triton. Saturn and Neptune are explorers and Titan and Triton are expanders. The software is actively developed and I add new formulae and features with each release. The advantage of embedding all the parameter data in the seed file is that I don’t have to note down parameters for later use and I can revisit a picture and use that as a starting point for tweaking parameters in order to produce new pictures.

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