Fractal Software Links

My software is just one of many programs that can be used to generate fractal art. Here is a selection:

Ultra Fractal – this is a popular fractal exploration program available for Windows.

Gnofract 4D – this Linux program can use Ultra Fractal formula files although not always successfully.

Fractal Science Kit – an other Windows program, for examples of pictures produced using this program see the gallery of Ross Hilbert on DeviantArt.

Incendia  – a program for producing 3D fractal images, for examples of pictures using this program see the gallery of Aexion on DeviantArt.

JWildfire – a program for generating “flame” fractals, written by Andreas Maschke.

Apophysis – a program for generating “flame” fractals.

General Fractal Links 

Fractal Forums –  a useful discussion site on all things fractal.

Fractal Freaks Forum – a discussion site for the commercial aspects of fractal art, set up by DsyneGraphix.

Algorithmic Worlds –  the blog of Samuel Monnier which includes a portfolio of his fractal pictures.

Blatte’s Pages – two sets of gradients can be found in the resource section, each set contains 100 gradients, unfortunately, the names used in one set are also used in the other, unless the names are changed importing both sets into Saturn will result in the first set being replaced with the second.

Amazing Seattle Fractals – a website that has galleries, tutorials for numerous fractal programs and more …

Fractal Art – a new blog (started January 2013) by David Makin which starts with a multi-part introduction to Fractal Art.

Fractal website list what is says a list of fractal websites.

Other Links

Reality Carnival – a collection of links to Mathematics & Science related articles, blog posts etc.
Creative Artists Blog – artist feature, artist interviews, articles etc.
LDME – is a rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.
Linux Mint Blog – self explanatory.
MATE – Gnome 2 continued under a new name, for those who don’t like Gnome 3.
Cinnamon – Linux Mint’s attempt to make Gnome 3 more like Gnome 2.
Energy from Thorium – how to use Thorium for nuclear power using molten salt reactors reducing waste and what little waste there is needs to be stored for about 300 years not thousands. Thorium is element 90 in the periodic table.
Boak & Bailey – a blog about beer.

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