All my fractal pictures are produced using software that I developed myself. There are two types of program one for exploring a fractal and the other for expanding the fractal pictures suitable for producing high quality prints.

Fractal Explorers

These programs produce a picture typically 750 by 500 pixels and allow the user to to select areas to zoom in for more detail.

Venus – a simple program producing fractals using just one fractal type, it was written in to try out the Gtk+ toolkit on Linux (experimental).

Mars – the first program to produce seed files suitable for expansion. It was written in C++ using Gtkmm also on Linux and is no longer used.

Saturn – this program replaces Mars and although it has fewer fractal types the addition of transforms means that most of the fractal types can be modified allowing flexibility in the production of fractal pictures.

Neptune – this program is based on Saturn and produces fractals that have more than one critical point using the Mandelbrot algorithm only. There are no Julia versions of the fractals because Julia fractals do not have critical points.

Fractal Expanders

When a picture is saved using Mars or Saturn it is saved in what I call a seed file. The seed file is a PNG file with all the necessary fractal parameters embedded in it so that an expander program can generate a greatly enlarged image typically 12000 by 8000 pixels. The maximum size that can be produced is around 700 Megapixels.

Phobos – used for expanding Mars seed files usually where the expansion time is less than about a day.

Terra – used for expanding Mars seed files usually where the expansion time is significant, more than a day, several days or indeed weeks. This accomplished with the aid of a PostgreSQL database.

Luna – provides the user interface for Terra.

Titan – equivalent of Phobos for expanding Saturn seed files.

Triton – based on Titan and is used for expanding Neptune seed files.

Note: thare are no equivalents of Terra and Luna for use with Saturn seed files.

Posted 19 October 2011 by element90

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