saturn-titan-4.2.1.tar.gz – Saturn & Titan version 4.2.1 for Linux. (1.6 MB) – Saturn & Titan version 4.2.1 for Windows 7, may also work on XP, Vista and Windows 8 and later, the zip file contains an msi (installer) file.


neptune-triton-1.1.0.tar.gz – Neptune & Triton version 1.1.0 for Linux. (1.2MB) – Neptune & Triton version version 1.1.0 for Windows 7, may also work on XP, Vista, Windows 8 and later, thezip file contains an msi (installer) file.

The Linux packages are “source” packages, the Windows are “binary” package and includes all the necessary Qt libraries.


Saturn-Guide.Issue.2.pdf there is a companion archive of parameter files (see below). Note this hasn’t been updated since Saturn version 2.0.0.

Example seed files 9.7 MB for all version from version 1.1.x. Note: for Windows users some of the seed files won’t render correctly as 64-bit values are used instead of 80-bit values and in some cases automatic evaluation of the required precision doesn’t work, try increasing the precision using the precision override on the Image tab of the fractal settings window. The use of 64 bit values is unavoidable as it is due the Microsoft compiler defining long double values as 64-bit instead of 80 bit values (as used by the FPU 128 bits may be allocated).

Example Parameter Files 60.0K parameter files for pictures in issue 2 of the Saturn User Guide.

Colour Maps

When first installed Saturn only has 5 colour maps (also known as gradients) .ugr and .map files can be imported to increase the number of available colour maps. A good set of colour maps can be found at Fractal Resources on Blatte’s Pages, there are two different sets of gradients however the gradient names are the same in both sets so if both sets are imported into Saturn earlier than version 2.0 only the second set will be available.

Element90-ColourMaps.scm 63 colour maps for Saturn from version 2.0.0 and later.
Element90-ColourMaps.ugr 68 colour maps for any fractal software that use .ugr files (includes the 5 default colour maps defined in Saturn).

The download files are hosted on Google Drive.

Posted 7 January 2012 by element90

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