Neptune and Triton Release Notes

Neptune & Triton version 1.1.0

Minor feature release:

  • 11 new fractal types.
  • Loading of seed files saved using version 1.0.0 is supported.
  • Versions upped to 1.1.0

Neptune & Triton version 1.0.0

  • Based on Saturn and Titan.
  • Neptune corresponds with Saturn and is the explorer program.
  • Triton corresponds with Titan and is the expander program.
  • 47 Multiple Critical Point fractal formulae.
  • Automatic determination of critical points from parameters.
  • Options for plotting fractal obrbits.
  • Import/export Saturn colour maps.
  • Import/export Ultra Fractal gradients.
  • Import FractInt map files.
  • All Saturn colour methods are supported.
  • Outer colour areas are merged by averaging colour or using the colour data for the highest iteration.
  • Inner colour areas are averaged.
  • Automatic shift to multi-precision calculation as required, also precision override.

Posted 21 April 2014 by element90

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