Saturn and Titan Release Notes

Saturn & Titan version 4.2.1

Bug fix release:

  • Saturn: the filter for saving parameter files referred to .npf files (Neptune parameters) not .spf files.
  • Saturn: changing inner/outer colour selection now affects the picture displayed. The changes were registered but the picture was unchanged, one way to update the picture was to select a different fractal type and return to the original fractal type.
  • Titan: parameter theta was displayed in the summary as zeta.
  • Titan: the Compasses fractal formula displayed in the summary was missing a z from the second term.
  • Versions for both programs upped to 4.2.1.

Saturn & Titan version 4.2.0

Minor feature release:

  • 4 new fractal types.
  • Fixes to correct the loading of seed files saved from earlier versions of Saturn that weren’t correctly reproduced.
  • Versions upped to 4.2.0

Saturn & Titan version 4.1.1

Bug fix release:

  • Saturn only: changing the offsets of a colour map changed the displayed colours at the bottom of the tab for both inner and outer colour maps, changing the offsets of one colour map no longer affects the other.
  • Transforms used for orbit plotted fractals were being ignored.
  • The parameter order of the Zaccp fractal was reversed.
  • Exceptions such as failure to allocate memory are now caught and an error message box is displayed instead of the application crashing.

Saturn & Titan version 4.1.0

Minor feature release:

  • 13 new fractal types, 6 of which are “single orbit”.
  • Single orbit fractals are not supported by Titan so high resolution pictures can not be produced.
  • Mandelbrot M3 to Mandelbrot M10 have been renamed M03 Mandelbrot to M10 Mandelbrot
  • Versions upped to 4.1.0

Saturn & Titan version 4.0.0

Major release, change in programming toolkit and addition features.

  • Gtkmm replaced with Qt.
  • New component colour based colour map type.
  • Revised colour map editing.
  • Precision override, allows a specific precision to be used when automatic determination of precision fails.
  • Colour map colour component order can be changed for colour methods.
  • Colour map offset replaced by three colour component offsets which can be changed independently or in lock-step.
  • Additional zoom and centring modes.
  • 11 new fractal types.
  • Complex parameters can now be substituted with the negative location in the complex plane.

Saturn & Titan version 3.0.1

Minor bug fix release and one new feature.

  • New – zoom selection rectangle now consists of a black rectangle within a white rectangle so that it can be seen regardless of background.
  • Colours didn’t change correctly when changing colour maps or scale for Lyapunov fractals calculated row by row.
  • Final Lyapunov calculating cycle displayed on the status line was one too many.
  • Saturn could crash if the orbit plotting colouring type was changed while the fractal was being calculated.
  • The default button on the fractal tab for Lyapunov fractals didn’t do anything, it now resets the sequence string and the number of settling and calculating cycles.
  • No changes to Titan so its version remains at 3.0.0, Saturn has its version raised to 3.0.1.

Saturn & Titan version 3.0.0

Major feature release.

  • Multi-precision support except for orbit plotted fractals.
  • Revised user interface.
  • Julia versions of fractal types have been merged with their Mandelbrot algorithm versions.
  • All complex parameter variables can be substituted with the location in the complex plane, where none of the parameters is set to the location in the complex plane the Julia algorithm is used.
  • The number of functions available to function parameters has been increased.
  • The number of complex functions available to complex function parameters has also been increased, in addition complex functions can be treated as a pair of functions.
  • Transforms are now defined as complex functions.
  • The number of transform sets available has been increased from 2 to 26.

Bug fixes:

  • The complex function parameter cot in version 2.1.x is no such thing, it was tan, corrected for version 3.0.0.
  • Titan’s summary did not specify the colour scale.
  • Titan’s summary did not include colour offset.
  • Titan’s summary did not distinguish between distance to an orbit trap and change in distance to orbit trap.
  • Non integer scale values were interpreted as zero when loaded from a seed file. Seed file produced by earlier version of Saturn will be produced correctly but if loaded into version 2.0.x or 2.1.x the image produced will not match the seed file.

Saturn & Titan version 2.1.4

Minor bug fix release.

  • Saturn – exponential inverse change sum incorrectly rendered when the initial value of z is non-zero.
  • Titan – sometimes the expansion of fractals that have dissimilar inner and outer magnitude methods was incorrect.>/li>
  • Saturn version upped to 2.1.4
  • Titan version upped to 2.1.3

Saturn & Titan version 2.1.3

Minor bug fix release.

  • Saturn sometimes crashed when changing the colouring of Lyapunov fractals while they were being generated.
  • Saturn sometimes crashed when changing to different fractal type while the fractal was being generated.
  • Saturn’s version upped to 2.1.3

Saturn & Titan version 2.1.2

Minor bug fix release.

  • Titan (Linux only) looks for its interface definition file in the wrong directory so fails to start.
  • Both, the convergent bailout condition using norm (the absolute value squared) wasn’t norm at all, it duplicated abs.
  • Titan used the wrong formula strings in its summary for fractal types Tzaccp, Zaccp and Zaccp Julia.
  • Saturn, Zaccp Julia parameter mismatch on the formula tab alpha and beta were reversed, the displayed formula has been changed but it does mean that the parameter order is different to that intended and it should match the related fractal type Tzaccp but doesn’t.
  • Titan, when there are two sets of statistics collected for coloring methods the inner colouring method incorrectly uses the outer colour statistics when the statistic type is “Exponential Sum” or “Exponential Inverse Change Sum”.
  • Saturn, start up splash window and about dialogue updated to report version 2.1.2.
  • Titan, summary tab updated to report version 2.1.2.

Saturn & Titan version 2.1.1

Minor bug fix release.

  • Saturn – fractal calculation continues to next “iteration step size” boundary so if, for example, 6 iterations were requested and the iteration step size is 10 then 10 iterations are performed instead of 6.
  • Saturn – sometimes the scale entry box could be incorrectly disabled when the colour method is final magnitude.
  • Titan – when two sets of results are required for colouring a image the change flag was incorrectly set so that the colouring of expanded images didn’t match the seed file.
  • Titan – expansion of PP Julia 4F fractals was incorrect.
  • Titan – attempts to expand Lyapunov fractals caused Titan to crash.

Version number upped to 2.1.1 for both Saturn and Titan.

Saturn & Titan version 2.1.0

Minor feature update.

  • 16 new fractal types:
    • Cczcpaczcp & Cczcpaczcp Julia
    • Onion 4F & Onion 4F Julia
    • Combination 3
    • Combination 4
    • C2mfczac & C2mfczac Julia
    • C2dfczac & C2dfczac Julia
    • Single 3F Onion & Single 3F Onion Julia
    • Double 3F Onion M & Double 3F Onion M Julia
    • Double 3F Onion D & Double 3F Onion D Julia
  • Addition of a one second delay after loading the configuration and colour map files to ensure that the splash window is properly seen.
  • Fixed various bugs from version 2.0.3 that caused Titan to crash.
  • Fixed bug where calculation of fractal restarted unexpectedly.

Saturn & Titan version 2.0.3

Minor bug fix update.

  • Titan – failure to expand seed files that have transforms defined on multi-processor computers.
  • Titan – failed to release allocated memory when expansion completes.

Titan version upped to version 2.0.3, Saturn remains at 2.0.1.

I have discovered since releasing version 2.0.3 that Titan shows the default maximum iteration value and not the actual maximum iteration value on the summary tab.

Saturn & Titan version 2.0.2

Minor bug fix update.

  • Titan – change in exponential sum colour method options incorrectly calculated.

Titan version upped to 2.0.2, Saturn version remains at 2.0.1.

Saturn & Titan version 2.0.1

Minor update, bug fixes plus the addition of a splash window for Saturn.

  • Saturn – processing continued to the configured maximum even when all locations had bailed out.
  • Saturn – actual maximum number of iterations was not displayed in the status below the picture for escape time fractals.
  • Saturn – images using Gaussian Integer angle options did not match the images produced by version 1.1.x.
  • Saturn – level 1 and 2 seed files using biomorph colour selection did not match the seed file image.
  • Saturn – exponential sum and exponential inverse change sum incorrectly calculated when using the the second result set.
  • Saturn – maps imported in the current session reappear in the source list when a new colour map file is added to the source list.
  • Titan – expansions of seed files using Gaussian Integer minimum options did not match the seed file.
  • Titan – expansions of seed files using biomorph colour selection did not match the seed file image, this bug affects both 1.0.x and 1.1.x version of Titan.

Both Saturn and Titan versions numbers upped to 2.0.1.

Saturn & Titan version 2.0.0

Major update.

  • Removal of Pickover Popcorn 4F & 6F.
  • Introduction of orbit plotting for all escape time fractals, PP Julia 4F & 6F with orbit plotting enabled produce the same images as Pickover Popcorn 4F & 6F.
  • Addition of no-op, cosec, sec and cotan to function parameters current only used in PP Mandelbrot & PP Julia formulae.
  • Importing colour maps now handled by the new Import Colour Map window, new Saturn Colour Map (.scm) files can now be imported in addition to .map and .ugr files.
  • New Export Colour Map window, colour maps can be exported as .ugr or .scm files.
  • The new Saturn Parameter File (.spf) can be saved and loaded into Saturn.
  • Minor user interface changes.
  • Addition of fractal dimension, exponential sum and exponential inverse change sum options to colour methods, change in magnitude, angle & change in angle.
  • Multi-threading of fractal calculation, the number of threads scales with the capabilities of the computers processor(s), a single core processor will only use one thread.

Saturn & Titan version 1.1.1

Bug fix release:

  • Titan failed to expand Magnet Model 2 fractals producing a blank rectangle, the implementation of the formula has been corrected.
  • Titan’s version raised to 1.1.1, Saturn’s version remained unchanged at 1.1.

Saturn & Titan version 1.1

Minor feature update.

  • Saturn and Titan combined in one package.
  • Available for Linux and Windows 7
  • User manuals and the user guide are not included in the package, they can be downloaded separately.
  • Example seed files are not included in the package, they are available for download as a zip archive.
  • 15 fractals based on Pickover Popcorn, 5 orbit fractals, 10 escape time fractals (Mandelbrot and Julia variants) have been replaced with 6 fractal types:
    • Pickover Popcorn 4F
    • Pickover Popcorn 6F
    • PP Mandelbrot 4F
    • PP Mandelbrot 6F
    • PP Julia 4F
    • PP Julia 6F

    The new fractal types incorporate new function parameters allowing sin, cos and tan to used as the functions in the fractals’ formulae, so all the replaced fractals can be produced. The number of variations is much larger than before, the 4F (4 function) version have 81 variations and the 6F (6 function) versions have 729variations.

  • The colour tab has been re-organised.

Titan Version 1.0.4

Bug fix release. Both bugs resulted in pictures that differed from the seed files in terms of the colours used.

  • iteration @minimum and iteration @ maximum options in colouring methods were affected if the smooth option is also set in the seed file resulting in incorrect colours being applied, Titan incorrectly altered the colours based on the smooth option where no such option is implemented in Saturn.
  • the colour offset was applied twice for Pickover Popcorn 2, 3, 4 & 5 fractals when it should have only been applied once.

Saturn Version 1.0.2

Bug fix release.

  • selecting fractal settings from the menu when the fractal setting window is partially or completely covered by an other window now brings the settings window to the front.
  • the offset spinbox often had the incorrect range set, the range should be from zero to one less than the number of colours in the colour map.

Titan Version 1.0.3

Bug fix release.

  • PP Julia 4 fractal were incorrectly expanded, beta_r was obtained from the alpha parameter and not the beta parameter.

Titan Version 1.0.2

Bug fix release.

  • Column 0 and row 0 should not be ignored when plotting Pickover Popcorn orbits.
  • Set output filename before saving file when using the save as button, as save as used the automatic generated file irrespective of whether the file existed or not.
  • For Pickover Popcorn accumulation set the colour to black if the the number of hits at a location is zero instead of whatever happened to be in the colour variable at the time.

Saturn Version 1.0.1

Bug fix release.

  • Column 0 and row 0 should not be ignored when plotting Pickover Popcorn orbits.
  • Only accept Saturn level 1 seed files, it was incorrectly accepting development Saturn level 2 seed files and Mars seed files.

Titan Version 1.0.1

Bug fix release.

  • Fractal types above “Mallard” did not match the fractal types for Saturn. The symptoms were that the expansion of a Pickover Popcorn 5 fractal resulted in a single colour.
  • Colour selection for Pickover Popcorn indexed the colour map starting at 1 instead of 0. The colours used in an expansion did not match the colours used in the seed file, this was only apparent when there is a significant different between the adjacent colours in the colour map.

Saturn Version 1.0

Linux only.
99 fractals types, 93 escape time fractals, 5 orbit fractals & the Lyapunov fractal.
31 transforms, can be applied in sets to the complex plane and to escape time fractal formulae.
2 formula transform sets A and B which can be applied to a formula using a sequence string containing As and Bs.
14 bailout conditions for use with escape time fractals for both converging and diverging fractals
12 escape time fractal colouring methods for inner and outer colouring.
Outer colouring selection based on bailout or a combination of component values.
3 orbit fractal colouring methods.
2 Lyapunov colouring methods, one colour and multi-colour applied to negative or positive Lyapunov co-efficients.
Zoom in, zoom out.
Clockwise rotation about image centre (except for orbit fractals).
Colour map editing, manual and auto (based on waveforms).
Colour map import, .map and .ugr files.
11 image sizes.
Saturn level 1 seed files can be saved – these are PNG files with metadata embedded.
Saturn level 1 seed files can be loaded using either the menu or drag and drop onto the image area.
The state of the fractals is retained when Saturn is closed provided that the program is closed normally.

Included in the release package are the Saturn Version 1.0 User Manual, the Saturn User Guide and example seed files.

Titan Version 1.0

Linux only.
Saturn level 1 seed files can be loaded using the browse button or drag and drop of the seed file onto the display area.
A version of the fractal image is displayed when the seed file is loaded.
The size of the image produced is controlled by setting the width in pixels.
Display of input image size and output image size.
Display of input file path and automatically generated output file path.
Expand/Abort/Save button.
Save as button (only visible when the expansion is complete).
Progress bar.
Image saved as a PNG without metadata.

Included in the release package are the Titan Version 1.0 User Manual and example seed files.


The metadata held in Saturn seed files is subject to change as the feature set of Saturn is changed, level 1 seed files are produced by Saturn Version 1.0, seed files saved from future versions of Saturn will have metadata in them that are unknown to Saturn Version 1.0 and Titan Version 1.0 so they won’t be loaded correctly. To ensure that Saturn and Titan can only open seed files that can be successfully processed the metadata contains the seed file level number.

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